A new ‘Walk In NYC Tour’ from Grand Central Terminal to Hell’s Kitchen area. HD Videowalk by Wanna Walk. Just a camera floating among the crowd. Walking Around Manhattan. New York City Videowalks in 4K HD

Welcome to the concrete jungle! The Big Apple is home to about 8 million people now and it receives almost fifty m tourist a year. Hundreds of different cultures that you can explore just walking. Bright giant led billboards, stores, Broadway shows and tons of tourists walking around. Times Square, in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. One of the most popular and busiest attraction: New York, New York. This is the most popular place in the world. This is a short walk from Grand Central Station in Midtown to Hell’s Kitchen area. Wanna Walk?

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Let’s watch people, their faces and what they do on random moment of their lives. Listening fragments of unknown people’s conversations, enjoy seeing new cultures, lines, curves and colors of different cities around the world. Walking In a New York City. ‘Video Walk’, Time Square Manhattan. by Wanna Walk.

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You must visit and experience this city at least once in your life! New Yorkers are very polite, please be polite with the city too.It’s seems like you’re really there. The image and sound, row video. This is the best city in the world.