We are in Italy and the year is 1962. You are visiting a burdello, a casa di tolleranza, aka a brothel. If you had luck and the money, you may met La Signorina Bordello, a truly beautiful and smart woman with a double life. Some girls are in this as last choice but no she. La Signorina is here for personal excitement and pleasure. She has a double life: an extravagant and very expensive escort at night and a lovely wife at day.

Exotic brothels was a well known secret. Strangers cordially welcome, said the door. They employed well educated staff servants, musicians, and of course, a strong bouncer. This place contained several elegantly furnished bedrooms. The house contained large paintings, Brussels red carpets and many bottles of champagne. Elegant meals were being eaten with high quality porcelain at this high class brothel. Whats about an exotic coconut shells and berry seeds and beef, fish, and pork? The place attracted mostly wealthy Italian men who used this bordello as a gentlemen’s club. Met them and enjoy some exquisite dinner with wine, champagne, and women.

Song: Isabel
Artist: Piero Piccioni
Album: La Vita Agra
Year: 1962
Style: Italian Bossa, Latin Jazz, Easy Tempo
Signorina Bordello – Easy Tempo Groove.