Nu Lounge Bar Music Chillout Music by Kersz

Song: How To Be A Man
Artist: Pablo Kërsz

If you could travel to any era, where you would go? How To Be A Man is a new song that invites you to travel to the 60s to discover what men do to be cool.

This kind of sound can be called Nu Lounge, which is a subgenre of Easy Listening. It’s all about relaxed chilled atmosphere with warm arrangements of Jazz and notes of Brazilian Samba. In other words, If you mix swing with some old jazz, Cuban, Samba BossaNova and some Instrumental Italian bossa, you may get close to the lounge sound. Some people thinks that the best way to describe the Nu Lounge Sound are these that comes when you enjoy a cocktail, chatting and enjoying great music. There are different types of lounge music but all are influenced by chill, jungle, jazz, bossanova and the modern Nu Lounge sound and Easy Listening styles and Exotica. Be sure to give a listen to this original song and comment.

Common instruments and musical features on Nu Lounge are Rhodes piano, vibraphones, xylophone, Hammond organ, Latin jazz and Brazilian instruments. Especially during the 1960s It was usual to see listeners sitting talking and relaxing with nu lounge music. This kind of music has been always used in the finest lounge bars, jet set hotels, lounge bars, casinos and expensive restaurants. Some people calls it easy tempo music, elevator music and even muzak.