Sometimes is not easy to get some privacy with a romantic partner. Love Motels are easy to spot, mainly because of their names are quite suggestive and are usually be identified using symbols such as hearts and red neon. They are usually concentrated in city districts close to train stations, near highways or in industrial districts. Love motel architecture is sometimes garish..

Don’t worry, entrance are discreet and designed for the discretion of customers, the interaction with staff is minimized. You’ll love the neon light, the colors, interior kitsch decor and weird architecture. Some of them looks like a casinos, with big bright neon signs barking in the dark.

The interior of love motels looks like someone’s grandma’s house: ugly lace curtains and portraits of anonymous flower bouquets, pink, green, light blue and yellow are the most often colors. Some even includes amenities like dancing poles, love seats and things like that. Depending on the rate, some deluxe rooms includes waterfalls, music, waterbeds and big screen tvs. Love motels meet a social need.

Song: Curriculum
Artist: Franco Chiari E Il Suo Quartetto
Genre: Latin Jazz, Lounge
Style: Bossa Nova, Easy Listening, Soft Tempo
Date of recording: 1966