In the middle of the jet-set era, Italy instantly loved the new music coming from Brazil called Bossa Nova and pretty soon the finest version of bossa came from Europe. The finest Italians artists Featuring The music of Brazil. This new kind of sound is usually more refined than the south american version and includes more instruments which is some kind of regression since bossa born as a response of old brazilian’s big bands and the noisy street samba, with the idea of being able to play it indoor in a more sophisticated and relaxed way but keeping that west-coast Jazz spirit.

Riviera playboy lounge mix Italian Bossa Nova

Decisione – Armando Trovajoli Italian Bossa Nova

Some people think that the Italian Bossa Nova was the momentum of the JetSet music era. This rare Italian jazz refers to a mix of afro latin jazz music that is played by Italian musicians.

These are only a few of 1960 Europe’s finest jazz and bossa musicians playing Bossa Nova like: Alessandro Alessandroni, Fred Bongusto, Ennio Morricone, Daniele Luppi, Piero Piccioni, Franco Chiari E Il Suo Quartetto and many others. Italian Bossa is the finest lounge music from the space age and jet set era.

60s Jet Set Air Hostess – Lounge Edit

Check these Bossanova Italiano and Italian Bossa Nova songs below and be sure to search on internet to discover more about Armando Trovaioli (Decisione), Francesco De Masi – (Diamond Bossa Nova), Bruno Battisti D’Amario (C’è Più Samba), Piero Umiliani (Luna Di Miele) and more.

1960s Easy Living – Lounge Edit Italian Bossa Nova

Bruno Nicolai – Primavera

Italian Bossa is a musical genre of Brazil developed in the 60s. An interesting fusion of samba and jazz, bossa nova acquired a large popularity in USA and Europe. The origin of the term “Bossanova” still remains uncertain but it means ‘the new thing’ It’s a rhythm based on samba and combines the rhythmic patterns and feel originating in former African slave communities. Lyrics are about the easy life of the middle to upper-class Brazilians, love, life and saudade. The elegant way in which all instruments makes their work and the rhythm that every song offers with perfect timing and a capacity of improvisation makes the Italian Bossa Nova one of the greatest Italian genres of the 60s.

Walter Wanderley was not Italian but Brazilian. His sound is some kind of missing link between classic bossa nova and the easy listening version of the italian bossa. Wanderley was a talented and gifted organist with a great ear for new harmonies. Over 45 recorded albums in Brazil and the U.S.  He reached 26 place on the Billboard pop charts in the 60s opening a large pathway of success only menaced by himself and his complex character. He was more than a great lounge player,. It is forgotten that the time lag worked against him and what today is lounge music was then innovative and revolutionary.