In 1960, the jet passenger service was marketed to the rich. Later, with the democratization of international air travel the term jet set was used to define those who have people with time to travel frequently and widely for pleasure. By definition, the jet set route was London to New York City and PanAm and BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation) were the first to cover these routes with style and comfort. The first travelers of this elite aka socialites were not shy about they life’s style and that included the good music: lounge, bossanova, easy tempo and exotica music in general. This kind of music, often called ‘elevator music’ become popular because the movies and paparazzi. They portrayed the jet set phenomenon. Many jet set lounge music records albums of the 60s were promoted during the flying, like airplanes background music. They were called ‘that the beautiful people and the Jet Set music. Enjoy this easy tempo song called Falena by Heinz Kiessling